Making big dreams simple

Xavier's Story

Making complicated things simple - a lifelong journey

My name is Xavier, and when I was in high school in the 80s, I never missed an episode of the television program Telekolleg. Each episode taught complicated topics visually and in a simple way. After 30 minutes of integral calculus via Telekolleg, I had understood the subject better than after 2 hours of school. I thought to myself with each episode, why can't the teachers in school explain the facts to us in such an obvious way? That was the start of my lifelong journey.

German GEO Award Factory of the Year - Excellence through simple processes

After graduating as an engineer in France and Germany, it was time to put this knowledge into practice in industry.

Directly at my first employer, I simplified many complicated processes as a project manager for logistics. This led to us entering the "GEO Award Factory of the Year" in 2002 and being awarded 1st place in the "Best Series Producer" category.

As project manager, supported by my motivated team, we managed to optimize and simplify the logistics and manufacturing processes in such a way that we stably reduced the material stock in the plant from the previous 21 to 3.5 days. The project conditions were anything but favorable, as the relocation of the production facilities and warehouses had to be carried out on reduced floor space during ongoing operations. The times back then were challenging and labor-intensive, but I still think back positively on the team and that time.

Lean Six-Sigma Method - or when work and training are fun.

In the course of this time, I realized that I have the best prerequisites to deepen my passion for the topic of process optimization and simplification.

At my next employer, I implemented a global production system that generated savings in the double-digit millions per year. There I further deepened my knowledge in Lean Management as well as Six Sigma and combined both methods.

After implementing and stabilizing the production system, I moved to a large German automotive manufacturer. There I was certified as a Master Black Belt and was responsible for Lean Six Sigma training worldwide for our internal consultants in the truck division as manager.

Change management - acceptance is just as important as good solutions

I loved combining my knowledge of problem solving techniques with change management to motivate people - not only to generate good solutions - but also to ensure buy-in for that implementation.
This combination of Six Sigma, Lean and Change Management very quickly led to sustainable and impressive project results.
One of my greatest successes is to bring a problem that had existed for 20 years to a solution within 3 months. By taking a structured approach and dispelling long-standing myths using Lean Six Sigma, common ground was established. When the project participants learned and accepted the proven facts, it was possible to find a jointly developed effective solution within one meeting. After same-day implementation, the problem never occurred again.

Dominik - From a colleague with the same passion to a joint venture

When I first met Dominik, he had the same function as me, only in the passenger car division. We were given the task of jointly taking over the Lean Six Sigma training, which until then had been rated by the participants as the worst training and lacking in practical relevance.
In order to increase the acceptance of these statistical tools, we have conveyed the Lean Six Sigma training in such a simple and understandable way that many training participants have reported back to us "At university I did not understand statistics, but now I know how to use these Lean Six Sigma tools profitably". Our training, which we trained and developed in tandem, was rated as the best training by the participants within one year.
All projects realized with this combination were much more effective and successful than single projects with only Lean, Six Sigma or Change.
The interest in our method combination grew very quickly. Internal consultants, whom we had trained & coached at that time and who moved to other companies, asked us afterwards if it was possible to train their new colleagues and employees according to our method.
At that moment, we both knew that our unique approach of combining Lean Six Sigma and change management and communicating it in a simple way needed to be made available to more people in other companies. This recognition was the driving force that made me leave my then secure job.
Dominik and I entered into a partnership in 2018 and founded our company Six Sigma-Lean Consulting.

Six Sigma-Lean Consulting - Doing Good Things

What our customers appreciate about our training concept, in addition to the use of field-tested tools, is that we are able to convey complex interrelationships in a simple, understandable way.
Dominik and my mission is to bring people together with solutions by making complicated things simple - in everyday life as well as in business!
We want to give back to the community and help businesses and individuals understand the benefits of problem solving with Lean Management and Six Sigma principles & tools.

Me as a human being...

Even though I usually look at things from different angles, my philosophy of life is still simple:

No matter what I do, I have to be proud of my reflection.

In my free time, I like to climb indoors and cook, which is my French heritage, even though too much good food is counterproductive when climbing.

The most important person in my life is my 12-year-old daughter Kiara, whom I love more than anything. More and more, I feel like my way of making things simple is rubbing off on her too. Recently, she developed a simple and visual system using sticky notes to plan our weekend activities. Now she says to me, "Dad, since we started using the sticky notes, we have more fun and do a lot more on the weekends." I am very proud of her for independently implementing a simple concept and seeing the benefits for herself. She can definitely follow in daddy's footsteps.




With hands-on tools and simple statistics to analyze parts
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Transform the company along the lines of the Toyota Production System
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Optimize business processes in a data-driven environment using best practices from Lean, Six Sigma & Change.
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