How to easily qualify lean management in your company

When our son Jannis entered the 5th grade highly motivated, he brought the following learning sheet from the basic course "Learning to Learn":

I don't think you can get it across much simpler than that! We keep about

  • 10% from what we hear
  • 20% from what we read
  • 30% from what we see
  • 50% from what we hear and see
  • 70% from what we say ourselves
  • 90% from what we do ourselves

So the core message is: if our employees and managers are to understand & learn Lean simply, they must say it yourself and do it yourself!

If we proceed in this way, there is a second, much greater advantage:

According to a study by the IW (Information Service of the Institute of the German Economy), direct investment in continuing education measures in German companies exceeds 21 billion euros per year. However, little is known about the economic added value of this expenditure!
At the same time, surveys of seminar participants show that the initial euphoria of implementing what has been learned in one's own business comes to a standstill after just a few weeks. Priorities of everyday professional life and old habits assert themselves within a very short time.

This means that with each day between training and application, the freshly learned knowledge decreases again and at the same time the probability of doing it at all!

In addition, it is much more difficult to put what has been learned into practice if this only happens at some point after the qualification. After all, as we all know, the devil is in the details and requires adaptation of the content taught in the training room.

So what is stopping you from going along with the following concept?

  • Instead of hearing and seeing, the core of the training consists of say it yourself and do it yourself!
  • Instead of first imparting and then eventually doing, the freshly imparted knowledge will be already implemented during the training, but at the latest on the following day immediately after training!
  • Instead of training first in the seminar room and later implementation in production, the On-site training in production instead!

How would you like such training, where the problem becomes the training content and its solution at the same time amortizes the training costs?

Incidentally, the core of what was taught to our son in the basic course "Learning to Learn" and examined in the IW study corresponds to what has long been known in the psychology of learning: The 70:20:10 model of learning by Lombardo and Eichinger shows that 70 percent of learning happens on the job, i.e., in real implementation in one's own area of responsibility. Only 10 percent is achieved through "classic continuing education" in the sense of seminars. 

You think it's not even possible to qualify in this way? We will be happy to convince you of the opposite:

  • Our modular Lean training aims to transform your business along the lines of the Toyota Production System by doing it ourselves immediately and on-site during the training - and we simply explain it to each other!
  • The participants of our Green Belt qualification already implement the analyses of their project during the training in order to start directly with the first implementation workshops on the first day after the training!

Interest aroused - or do you have an idea how it could be even better? Contact us - and let's make complicated things simple together!

We make complicated things simple and share our experiences - sharing is doing!

dominik vollmer

dominik vollmer